The Ballet Des Moines Campus for Arts and Education

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February 29, 2024

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Capital Campaign

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A new headquarters for creative organizations, educators, artists, and leaders to improve outcomes and quality of life across our region through interdisciplinary programming. The campus will serve as a physical and virtual hub and connector between disciplines and communities, a shared asset and inclusive environment for learning and collaboration. The campus will transform a corner of downtown that has been vacant for more than 10 years into a vibrant cultural corridor, featuring a studio theatre, office and studio space for Ballet Des Moines and its partners, and a new home for’ award-winning arts-integrated education programs that benefit all members of the community, from at-risk families to young professionals to corporate executives. A catalyst for equity-centered revitalization • Expand access and participation in research-informed educational programs that improve outcomes, particularly for underserved communities; • Provide professional development opportunities for teaching artists and educators from across the state, expanding the reach of these powerful programs to every corner of Iowa. • Connect communities through intentional and inclusive programs that build understanding and empathy through creative expression and cultural heritage. • Revitalize the downtown neighborhood with every day, everywhere art, while making enriching programs more accessible. By placing large windows into active, exemplary art and educational work right in the heart of downtown Des Moines, this project would provide opportunities for city residents and employees to engage with art every day, whether walking past a window, watching a rehearsal, participating in an adult or youth education opportunity, or attending a performance. • Attract and retain a diverse and vibrant community of young professionals, artists, and families. Meeting Established Regional Needs In the wake of a corporate exodus from downtown Des Moines, the city’s historic center has “entered a state of decline”, while wealthy suburbs report record growth. Public funding for the arts in Iowa ranks 46th in the nation. Data tracks the role the arts play in downtown revitalization efforts in more than 90 cities, with populations from 9,000 to 7 million people. Across the board, the arts attract visitors, residents, and tourists; complement and attract adjacent businesses; increase feelings of belonging and pride-of-place; and define communities as vibrant and dynamic places to live, work, and play. The Downtown DSM Future Forward Vision and Action Plan calls to make “downtown a magnet of activity for events and daily life in the city, the State and MidWest region, with a sense of belonging through intentional and equitable inclusion.”

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